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Hundreds of thousands of students have already benefitted from our courses. You learn fundamental concepts that draw on advanced mathematics and visualization so that you understand machine learning algorithms on a deep and intuitive level, and each course comes packed with practical examples on real-data so that you can apply those concepts immediately in your own work.

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All you need to start is some calculus, linear algebra, and basic Python coding skills. Just sign up for a course and start soaking in knowledge!


Already have some experience plug-and-playing with Sci-Kit Learn? Find out what goes on under the hood and the pros and cons of each algorithm.


Want to learn stuff that hasn't even been published in the textbooks yet? We distill current research into a more student-friendly format so it's more digestible to the average developer.


Looking to advance your career? Data scientists and machine learning engineers are some of the highest-paid, valued employees today. No one else can PROVE their business recommendations will lead to increased profits using cold, hard data.

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