DeepFakes & Voice Cloning: Machine Learning The Easy Way

Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Generative AI, Fake News, +More for SEO, Internet Marketing, & Social Engineering!

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Course Data

Lectures: 22
Length: 3h 07m
Skill Level: All Levels
Languages: English
Includes: Lifetime access, certificate of completion (shareable on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), Q&A forum

Course Description

*** UPDATE: This course now contains a VIP-only section (exclusive to this platform) on face swapping, which works for both photos and video!

Unleash Your Creative Potential with DeepFakes Mastery

Unlock the captivating power of DeepFakes and embark on a groundbreaking journey where reality and imagination intertwine. Dive into the world of voice cloning, seamless video manipulation, and awe-inspiring motion transfer. Welcome to our comprehensive DeepFakes Mastery course, where you'll acquire the skills to bring your wildest visions to life.

Why DeepFakes Mastery?

Imagine having the ability to create jaw-dropping videos that defy the limits of reality. With DeepFakes Mastery, you'll gain an arsenal of cutting-edge techniques that enable you to do:

1. Voice Cloning: Give Life to Your Thoughts Experience the extraordinary power of voice cloning as you seamlessly mimic any voice you desire. Whether it's cloning your own voice or bringing iconic voices to life, our course will guide you through the intricacies of this mesmerizing technology. Take control of narratives, breathe life into animations, and craft unforgettable stories.

2. Video Voiceover Manipulation: Shape Reality to Your Will Unleash your creativity by combining voices with videos, making it appear as though the person on screen is saying something entirely different. With our expert guidance, you'll master the art of manipulating video voiceovers, ensuring the perfect synchronization between audio and visuals. Craft compelling narratives, deliver impactful messages, or create entertaining content that captivates your audience.

3. Motion Transfer: Redefine Possibilities Reimagine the limits of motion as you blend the movements from one video with an image of someone else. Our course empowers you with the skills to perform awe-inspiring motion transfers, forging seamless connections between various visual elements. Showcase your ingenuity in film production, breathe life into virtual characters, or elevate your video storytelling to new heights.

What Sets Our Course Apart?

1. Comprehensive Learning Structure Our course is meticulously designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Starting with the fundamentals, we'll guide you through each step, ensuring a solid understanding of DeepFakes concepts. As you progress, you'll explore advanced techniques, sharpening your expertise and gaining mastery over this groundbreaking technology.

2. Hands-On Practical Exercises Theory alone cannot unleash your creative potential. That's why our course focuses on practical, hands-on exercises, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. Engage in immersive projects, tackle challenges, and transform theoretical concepts into tangible results. You'll witness your skills grow exponentially as you tackle each exercise head-on.

3. Expert Instruction from Industry Veterans Learn from the best in the field. Our course is crafted and delivered by industry veterans, armed with years of experience in DeepFakes technology. Benefit from their wisdom, insider tips, and tried-and-true methods. They'll guide you through the complexities of DeepFakes, ensuring you develop a strong foundation and unleash your creative potential.

4. Supportive Community Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for DeepFakes. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and seek inspiration from fellow learners and professionals. Our inclusive community will be there to support you every step of the way, providing feedback, encouragement, and a platform to showcase your remarkable creations.

5. Lifetime Access With our course, your learning journey never ends. Gain lifetime access to the course materials and stay in the know with the latest advancements in DeepFakes, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of this revolutionary field.

Unleash Your Creativity Today!

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to harness the captivating power of DeepFakes. Join our DeepFakes Mastery course today and embark on a transformative journey where reality meets imagination. Discover the secrets of DeepFakes Mastery and revolutionize your storytelling, entertainment, and creative endeavors.

What You'll Gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of voice cloning techniques to bring any voice to life, opening up a world of possibilities for character creation, dubbing, and animated storytelling.
  • The ability to seamlessly manipulate video voiceovers, enabling you to alter the dialogue, create parodies, or convey messages with precision and impact.
  • Proficiency in motion transfer, allowing you to blend the movements of one video with an image of someone else, empowering you to create mesmerizing visual effects and captivating narratives.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Filmmakers and Video Content Creators: Enhance your storytelling capabilities, create unforgettable characters, and produce stunning visual effects that captivate your audience.
  • Voiceover Artists: Expand your repertoire by mastering voice cloning techniques, opening up new opportunities for dubbing, character voiceovers, and narration.
  • Social Media Influencers: Stand out from the crowd with engaging and unique content, leveraging DeepFakes to create entertaining videos that go viral.
  • Advertising and Marketing Professionals: Push the boundaries of creativity, crafting compelling and memorable campaigns that leave a lasting impact.
  • Animation and Gaming Enthusiasts: Bring virtual characters to life with realistic voiceovers and seamlessly blended motions, taking your creations to the next level.

Your Journey Starts Now:

  1. Enroll in DeepFakes Mastery: Sign up today and gain instant access to our comprehensive course materials, including step-by-step tutorials, practical exercises, and expert guidance.

  2. Master the Fundamentals: Build a strong foundation by learning the core principles of DeepFakes technology, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the concepts and techniques involved.

  3. Hands-On Projects: Dive into immersive exercises designed to challenge and inspire you. Apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios and witness your skills evolve with each project.

  4. Advanced Techniques: Explore cutting-edge techniques and advanced applications of DeepFakes, elevating your creations to new heights and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  5. Join the Community: Connect with fellow learners, share your progress, and collaborate on exciting projects. Our supportive community will be there to inspire, encourage, and provide valuable feedback.

  6. Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to the course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your knowledge whenever you need.

Unleash Your Creative Potential Today:

Don't let the limitations of reality confine your imagination. Embrace the power of DeepFakes and embark on a transformative journey where you become the master of your digital domain. Enroll in DeepFakes Mastery now and unlock the secrets to creating awe-inspiring videos that leave a lasting impression. Start shaping reality with your creativity and redefine the art of visual storytelling. The possibilities are limitless!

Suggested Prerequisites:

Proficiency with using a computer and Google Colab.

Testimonials and Success Stories

I am one of your students. Yesterday, I presented my paper at ICCV 2019. You have a significant part in this, so I want to sincerely thank you for your in-depth guidance to the puzzle of deep learning. Please keep making awesome courses that teach us!

I just watched your short video on “Predicting Stock Prices with LSTMs: One Mistake Everyone Makes.” Giggled with delight.

You probably already know this, but some of us really and truly appreciate you. BTW, I spent a reasonable amount of time making a learning roadmap based on your courses and have started the journey.

Looking forward to your new stuff.

Thank you for doing this! I wish everyone who call’s themselves a Data Scientist would take the time to do this either as a refresher or learn the material. I have had to work with so many people in prior roles that wanted to jump right into machine learning on my teams and didn’t even understand the first thing about the basics you have in here!!

I am signing up so that I have the easy refresh when needed and the see what you consider important, as well as to support your great work, thank you.

Thank you, I think you have opened my eyes. I was using API to implement Deep learning algorithms and each time I felt I was messing out on some things. So thank you very much.

I have been intending to send you an email expressing my gratitude for the work that you have done to create all of these data science courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have been looking long and hard for courses that have mathematical rigor relative to the application of the ML & AI algorithms as opposed to just exhibit some 'canned routine' and then viola here is your neural network or logistical regression. ...


I have now taken a few classes from some well-known AI profs at Stanford (Andrew Ng, Christopher Manning, …) with an overall average mark in the mid-90s. Just so you know, you are as good as any of them. But I hope that you already know that.

I wish you a happy and safe holiday season. I am glad you chose to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

Hi Sir I am a student from India. I've been wanting to write a note to thank you for the courses that you've made because they have changed my career. I wanted to work in the field of data science but I was not having proper guidance but then I stumbled upon your "Logistic Regression" course in March and since then, there's been no looking back. I learned ANNs, CNNs, RNNs, Tensorflow, NLP and whatnot by going through your lectures. The knowledge that I gained enabled me to get a job as a Business Technology Analyst at one of my dream firms even in the midst of this pandemic. For that, I shall always be grateful to you. Please keep making more courses with the level of detail that you do in low-level libraries like Theano.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your most excellent course that I am nearing finishing.

And, I couldn't agree more with some of your "rants", and found myself nodding vigorously!

You are an excellent teacher, and a rare breed.

And, your courses are frankly, more digestible and teach a student far more than some of the top-tier courses from ivy leagues I have taken in the past.

(I plan to go through many more courses, one by one!)

I know you must be deluged with complaints in spite of the best content around That's just human nature.

Also, satisfied people rarely take the time to write, so I thought I will write in for a change. :)

Hello, Lazy Programmer!

In the process of completing my Master’s at Hunan University, China, I am writing this feedback to you in order to express my deep gratitude for all the knowledge and skills I have obtained studying your courses and following your recommendations.

The first course of yours I took was on Convolutional Neural Networks (“Deep Learning p.5”, as far as I remember). Answering one of my questions on the Q&A board, you suggested I should start from the beginning – the Linear and Logistic Regression courses. Despite that I assumed I had already known many basic things at that time, I overcame my “pride” and decided to start my journey in Deep Learning from scratch. ...


By the way, if you are interested to hear. I used the HMM classification, as it was in your course (95% of the script, I had little adjustments there), for the Customer-Care department in a big known fintech company. to predict who will call them, so they can call him before the rush hours, and improve the service. Instead of a poem, I Had a sequence of the last 24 hours' events that the customer had, like: "Loaded money", "Usage in the food service", "Entering the app", "Trying to change the password", etc... the label was called or didn't call. The outcome was great. They use it for their VIP customers. Our data science department and I got a lot of praise.


Introduction and Outline

6 Lectures · 25min
  1. Introduction (02:15) (FREE preview available)
  2. Project Scope (04:50)
  3. Outline and Workflow (14:12)
  4. Course Resources (01:13)
  5. Where Can I Get Source Materials? (01:46)
  6. Share Your DeepFakes! (01:30)

Voice Cloning

4 Lectures · 31min
  1. Tortoise-TTS (11:35)
  2. Installing Tortoise-TTS (01:23)
  3. Descript (09:46)
  4. More Voice Cloning Tech: ElevenLabs & Coqui (09:05)

Video DeepFakes

6 Lectures · 43min
  1. Wav2Lip (11:13)
  2. Synthesia (05:30)
  3. Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model (pt 1) (07:58)
  4. Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model (pt 2) (03:21)
  5. Useful FFmpeg Commands (10:02)
  6. Make Stable Diffusion and Midjourney Images Talk (Exercise) (05:11)

VIP: Face Swapping Both Photos and Video

2 Lectures · 21min
  1. Face Swap Both Photos and Video (18:47)
  2. Face Swap Summary (02:52)

Installation Guidelines

4 Lectures · 01hr 04min
  1. Pre-Installation Check (04:13)
  2. Environment Setup: Install Python With Anaconda (20:21)
  3. Environment Setup: Install Python Without Anaconda (not recommended) (17:33)
  4. Installing NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning Libraries on your Home Computer (22:15)


  • Descript
  • ElevenLabs
  • Synthesia
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