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Master SQL for Job Interview Preparation, Data Analysis, Big Data, and Business Intelligence

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Course Data

Lectures: 32
Length: 2h 07m
Skill Level: All Levels
Languages: English
Includes: Lifetime access

Course Description

It is becoming ever more important that companies make data-driven decisions.

With big data and data science on the rise, we have more data than we know what to do with.

One of the basic languages of data analytics is SQL, which is used for many popular databases including MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and even big data solutions like Hive and Cassandra.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most high-level marketers and product managers at big tech companies know how to manipulate data to gain important insights. No longer do you have to wait around the entire day for some software engineer to answer your questions - now you can find the answers directly, by yourself, using SQL!

In this course, SQL for marketers, we'll start from the basics - installing SQL onto your Mac, Linux, or Windows machine and explaining what a relational database is. Next, we'll look at basic tasks like creating tables and loading data into those tables. We will look at a wide variety of SQL commands and I will show you how to speed things up using indexes.

Once you know all the SQL commands we will start doing advanced examples - answering questions marketers and business people often have, like where are customers dropping off in our sales funnel? And which of our locations has the highest revenue?

In the last section, we'll do Advanced SQL queries on Spark, the big data framework that is the successor to MapReduce and also runs on top of Hadoop. I will teach you how to install Spark, create a cluster very quickly on Amazon EC2, and run SQL queries, allowing you to apply everything you learned up until this point in a big data environment.

Do you want to know how to optimize your sales funnel using SQL, look at the seasonal trends in your industry, and run a SQL query on Hadoop? Then join me now in my new class, SQL for marketers! Dominate data analytics, data science, and big data!

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • You should you how to open a terminal / command line shell. All the examples will be done here.

Tips for success:

  • Use the video speed changer! Personally, I like to watch at 2x.
  • Take handwritten notes. This will drastically increase your ability to retain the information.
  • Ask lots of questions on the discussion board. The more the better!
  • Don't get discouraged if you can't solve every exercise right away. Sometimes it'll take hours, days, or maybe weeks!
  • Write code yourself, this is an applied course! Don't be a "couch potato".


Introduction and Outline

2 Lectures · 13min
  1. Introduction and Outline (07:12) (FREE preview available)
  2. How to Succeed in this Course (05:52)

Survey of SQL databases and Installation of SQLite

3 Lectures · 07min
  1. Overview of SQL databases (02:44)
  2. Installing SQLite on Mac, Linux, and Windows (01:08)
  3. Visual Walkthrough of Windows Installation (03:13)

What is a relational database? Basic commands

8 Lectures · 18min
  1. What’s a relational database? (01:09)
  2. How to load the data used in this class (02:22)
  3. Basic commands (01:07)
  4. Querying a table (02:29)
  5. Creating a table (01:29)
  6. Importing Data on Windows (04:14)
  7. Modifying a table’s structure (02:30)
  8. Suggestion Box (03:03)

Indexes and speed comparison

2 Lectures · 05min
  1. Speeding things up with indexes (03:08)
  2. Index Example in the Console (02:37)

Modifying a table's data

2 Lectures · 04min
  1. Insert / Update / Delete (02:51)
  2. What is CRUD? (01:30)

Joining tables

2 Lectures · 03min
  1. Joining or Merging tables together (02:18)
  2. Joins in the console (01:21)

Aggregating, grouping, and sorting. Real marketing queries.

3 Lectures · 08min
  1. Count, Distinct, Sum, Min, Max, Avg (01:18)
  2. Group by, Sort, Limit (02:03)
  3. Funnels, YOY revenue, and Sales by Location (04:43)

Advanced: SQL on Spark

2 Lectures · 07min
  1. Spark SQL (04:39)
  2. Create your own Spark cluster on Amazon EC2 (02:24)

Further Knowledge, Practice and Exercises

4 Lectures · 16min
  1. How to load the extra dataset (tab-separated tables) (06:19)
  2. The IN Keyword (02:42)
  3. The BETWEEN Keyword (01:42)
  4. Interview Question-Style Exercises (05:50)


4 Lectures · 43min
  1. How to Succeed in this Course (Long Version) (10:25)
  2. What order should I take your courses in? (part 1) (11:19)
  3. What order should I take your courses in? (part 2) (16:07)
  4. Where to get discount coupons and FREE deep learning material (05:31)
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